Monday, October 26, 2009

What's in a name?

People often ask me ..."Why Sapphire Designs"?

Simple and lovely answer....

My passion for floristry started at a very young age. I would always pick the wild freesias growing in our backyard- seeded by the birds in summer, pick the Geraldton wax and the agapanthus and arrange what I thought was the most beautiful vase arrangement I'd ever seen. I'm not sure if Mum minded, but she always let me get on with it. I used to make up little bunches, tie they with brown string and take them to our Neighbour as well. I loved seeing the smiles on peoples faces when I'd hand over the bunch .....

So needless to say over the years My passion for flowers and arrangements grew with the help and encouragement of both My parents.
Sadly when I was 14 My father passed away. My father was everything that was moral , good, and hard working in my eyes. I would watch his hard work day and night in his bakery. I knew one day I wanted to have the passion for my career he had, he simply loved his work. And it showed.

It was after Dad passed away that I decided to dedicate My hard work to him. I studied floristry for 4 years, put my heart and sole into what gave me great joy, and now 15 years later Sapphire Designs is born, and named after My father who's nickname was "Sapphire".

Mum and Dad on their Wedding Day.
Margaret & Gary "Sapphire" Bell.

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