Sunday, October 25, 2009

Julie & Julia

When I told Bec about the Blog idea, she said "You're only starting a Blog because we went and saw Julie and Julia last night!"

And while that may have a part in why there is today not 24 hours after watching said movie , I have a Blog.
inspiration I think ill call it.
As for the movie- it was beautiful...charming and moving. I think I'd like to read the book !

One of the most lovely things about the movie was the ever frequent flowers in shot. I love how Flowers are sometime are the pivotal part in a home display- the line that distinguishes a well organised "modern" home and a colourful  "homely" home.  I myself am guilty of not having regular fresh flowers in the house- but I think that should change. My Favourite flower moment of the movie was a scene about carrying Blossom stems on the New York underground. It made me smile. They aren't the easiest things to transport- but they are stunning, and certainly worth the effort.

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