Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Samara's 4th Birthday lolly bar

This Past Sunday it was my God daughters 4th Birthday- I cant believe it's been four years since she was brought into this world.
It was a rocky birth and her proud mother Jodi (my cousin) went through a difficult and long birth. The entire family were so proud of Jodi for being so brave dealing with all the medical difficulties that came for weeks after Sam's birth- Sam was brought home while Jo was still in hospital , i can't imagine a mother having to do that. The family and proud dad Kerim all tucked in making dinners and looking after Sam and her 2 siblings. One of my favorite memories was feeding little 3 day old Sam from the smallest bottle I'd ever seen. I was so proud and pleased when Jo asked me to be Sam's God Mother- her christening was a special day in my life.

Flash forward 4 years and i wanted to make Sam a special birthday lolly bar to remember. It was small but i think she and her cousins had a lot of fun tucking in :)

The cute heart garland on the front of the bar was Sam's birthday gift i made her, and the beautiful photo is of Sam when she was 2 modeling for a clothes designer... the perfect backdrop .

Beautiful polka dot straws and glass dome are from Sweet Little Birdy . Lolly Bar Design, home made treats ,Flowers and Heart Garland by Sapphire Designs.

 The Birthday Girl and her Cousins enjoying the Lolly Bar

A little behind the scenes action with Bec :)

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  1. Such a darling candy buffet! The paper heart garland hanging in front of it is so pretty!