Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wearable Floral Design Photo shoot

I've had the most amazing week. It all started with one of my early morning visits to the Sydney flower Markets last Wednesday - and finished with a collection of photos that I could only of dreamt of.
Nana's Chair
Saturday morning I woke up made my morning coffee sat at my  work bench and stared at 5 buckets of flowers. Inspiration I had, ideas I had, time I had 5 hours and counting.... Actually thinking back now I can’t even remember what I started making first, but before I knew it -my imagination was off and I was creating headpieces and wearable floral designs.
5 hours fly by and it was 2pm, and with the car packed full of flowers, dresses, and my Nana's Beautiful 1950's settee arm chair (re-covered in the 90's) Bec & I were ready to go. Off we headed to Belmont, NSW -our first time taking the drive.. Loving the retro vintage feel of Swansea and rocking up to the NFE studio with the most beautiful water views! 

Liana getting her "florist" on :)
Meeting the girls - Jenny our adult model, Josie our makeup artist and hairdresser and Renee Bell our Photographer - and her beautiful daughter who was to be our mini model for the day- we got all prepped to get shooting in no time.  At the studio Renee took some amazing shots, and then we all headed off on location for the rest of the shoot.

Bec -the Human Light reflector

We had some laughs , narrowly avoided spiders in the long grass, and dreamt of bunnies- lots of bunnies. Before we knew it was 7:30pm as the last of over 600 photos were snapped!

 As Bec and I drove home that night we were exhausted yet full of inspiration and so excited to see the results of the day - and as you will see, the results were out of this world- more than I ever could have expected.

Sunset on our drive home

Ladies, I can't thank you enough for your time and effort. It means the world to me that such talented people can come together and make magic happen  -Even Bec made a spectacular Human light reflector :)

I can't wait for the next shoot!

My Favorite Behind the scene shots.

Photographer -Renee Bell
Floral Design -Rachel Bell -
Hair and Make up- Josie Zarzycki-Burns
Model- Jenny Parker-
Mini Model - Liana  

Rach x