Saturday, June 19, 2010


I've been stuck at home for a few days unable to do anything but use the computer, as I've hurt my back. The good thing about this situation is it's allowed me to entertain myself by finding inspiration online and come up with some new ideas from this search.

Through a Facebook page -"Feathers"- I’ve had hundreds of ideas running through my head of how to incorporate feathers with wedding flowers. I've decided I’ll showcase some of these ideas at the upcoming bridal show at Athol Hall in August 2010.

The idea of the soft floaty feather in a romantic scenario really pleases me. Feathers come in so many shades and shapes, that they lend them selves to many a creation. I remember using feathers alot during my wedding and event studies at Tafe- back in the late 90's, but I used them in a way that was for theatrics not elegant, romantic and soft wedding themes. So I now revel in the challenge!

Lucky for me "Feathers" has a store only 30 mins from my home, and they are open today! Which would be amazing if I was able to walk/drive.... so I’ll have to get a grip on my patience –but aside my need to be creative and wait till i'm feeling better :) ... Watch this space for some of my creations!

In the meantime- here are some pretties I found trolling the web.....

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