Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our First Markets! Success!

Yesterday marked SDE first markets, and what a success it was!
It was very hot and windy, but the flowers and display wedding cakes did very well to uphold the temperature...(and so did we!)
It was a successful markets, I got to chat to a few brides-which I LOVE doing the most. It's so exciting when a bride gets all passionate about her impending big day! it's a chance for me to put on my creative hat, and get stuck into creating dreams!
So here is a few photos from yesterdays market...I can't wait for this Saturdays "Twilight" Market! I will remind you all of this market in an upcoming post.

A HUGE thank you to the 2 most important people in my life- My helpers and My rocks. Mum and Bec. You are gems-and SDE wouldn't be what it is without you ! I love you both.
And a special thankyou to my dear friend Sonia who iced the beautiful display cakes for me to decorate. love love xxx

Rach xx

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